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Celerity’s Open Source Centre of Excellence (COE) has developed highly customizable IT Management tools. Based on open source technology, these tools help in the automation of IT service management workflow. Celerity Service Desk is a comprehensive platform to manage end user computing environment. Service desk tools provide a complete workflow for IT incident, configuration and change management. Celerity Service Desk provides:

  • Self Service Portal
  • Knowledge Base
  • Service Level Agreements
  • IT Asset & Inventory Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Multi-Site Support
  • Custom Request Form Scheduler
  • MIS Reports



Celerity's NMS is an enterprise grade network monitoring and network management platform developed on open source technologies. To put it simply, NMS is a network management application platform.

Event Management & Notifications. Celerity's NMS is based around a "publish and subscribe" message bus. Processes within the software can publish events, and other processes can subscribe to them. In addition, Celerity's NMS can receive events in the form of SNMP Traps, Syslog messages. Events can be configured to generate alarms .While events represent a history of information from the network, alarms can be used to create correlation workflow and performing "event reduction" by representing multiple, identical events as a single alarm with a counter. Alarms can also generate events of their own. Alarms are designed to be cleared and removed from the system over time, unlike events which can persist as long as desired.

Orchestra-NMS System provides:

Availability Automated Discovery and Provisioning
Performance Trend and Capacity Threshold Definitions
Applications SLA Compliance
Service OS Event and Notification Management
Network Protocol Service Assurance
Infrastructure Knowledge Base and Event Correlation
System Matrix Performance Measurement


Discovery & Provisioning. Celerity's NMS contains an advanced provisioning system for adding devices to the management system. This process can occur automatically by submitting a list or range of IP addresses to the system (both IPv4 and IPv6). Devices can also be expressly added to the system, as well as a combination of the two. The provisioning system contains adapters to integrate with other processes within the application as well as external software. The provisioning process is asynchronous for scalability.

Service Monitoring. The service assurance features of Celerity's NMS allow for the availability of network-based services to be determined. The types of monitors span from the very simple (ICMP pings, TCP port checks) to the complex (Page Sequence Monitoring, Mail Transport Monitor). Outage information is stored in the database and can be used to generate availability reports.

Data Collection. Performance data collection exists in Celerity's NMS for a number of network protocols including SNMP, HTTP, XML, NS Client, and JDBC. Data can be collected, stored, graphed as well as checked against thresholds. This process is highly scalable.

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Managed IT Services

ITIL-based service desk, design, implementation and sustenance


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